The Name Game

Have you ever wondered how we come up with names for all our critters or why we name them all?  Well, I’ll tell you.  We name them because it’s easier than trying to describe each one when we’re talking about them.  “The red cow with white around her eyes, and her front left foot is white, is going to have a calf,” or “The goat that’s brown and white and has horns, is due in the spring,”  That would be kind of complicated at times.  How do we decide on names?  We run with a theme until we run out of names with that theme, or we get tired of it.  Here’s some examples:

My first flock of chickens, I named after the characters in “Swamp People”.  The bad thing about it was, I ended up with too many roosters in that batch, so Troy and Willie had to go.  I kept Elizabeth.  He’s the prettiest rooster ever!

We have “Dukes of Hazzard” cows – Dixie, Roscoe, and Cooter.  (Roscoe’s nose is the header of the blog right now.)

The latest theme is country singers.  We have Willie Nelson and Charlie Pride grazing in the field beside our house!

The mama pigs – no theme in naming them, but their names rhyme – Polly and Dolly.  or is it Molly and Jolly?  or  Holly and Lolly?……

One of the goats is named Browning – she belongs to the hunter in the family, can you tell?

We got two new red cows a couple weeks ago.  Naturally, they had to be named after redheads – Lucy (Lucille Ball) and Carol Burnett.

Finally, we have Georgette – named after Curious George because, well, she’s very curious.  Everytime somebody goes into her field, she’s the first one to show up to see who it is and what’s going on.

Everybody else?  Well some of them came with names already – like Chirpy, the Silkie rooster; others were named because they look like something else – like Donkey Cow.  The rest?  Just random names that we came up with or just really liked for that particular critter.  It can be a challenge, but it’s kind of fun too!

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