Dust Cloud

Have you seen on the news, the big dust clouds that they sometimes get out west, and that dust just seems to engulf the whole world?  Or have you drive down a dirt road somewhere, and watched the dust cloud that stirs up behind you and it seems to make the road disappear?  Well, this story is not about either one of those.  It’s about our donkey.

I’ve been outside working in the yard before and looked into the field just behind our house, to see the donkey rolling around on his back, with his legs kicking around in the air.  Well, one day, I looked out there, and all I saw was a huge dust cloud in one area of the field.  I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, and when I saw that none of the cows were alarmed by whatever it was, I decided to stand there and wait for the dust to settle.  Here’s what I saw:

This crazy thing has a crater hollowed out in the field where he can roll around and take a good dust bath to get the flies to leave him alone in the summertime.  It looks like a small meteor has hit the earth and left a perfectly round hole in the ground.  Gives a whole new meaning to the term “dust bowl”!

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